Magento Meetup Chandigarh – 2019

Magento Meetup is always a special event that brings the Magento Community of a local region together. These events are organized on the city level amongst the Magento Enthusiasts to share their experience, learning, and challenges. These events not only share the common passion that Magento Enthusiasts hold for the platform but also help share … Read more

The Insane Singles’​ Day Sales – Alibaba 11.11

Yesterday was famous China’s annual Singles Day online shopping bonanza by Alibaba. Singles’ Day, which originated on university campuses in Nanjing, China in the 1990s, became an annual shopping bonanza after Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce retailer, made it into an event a decade ago. Singles Day is an informal, anti-Valentine’s Day holiday in China celebrating … Read more