Meet Magento Events – 2020

You may have heard many times by now that the year 2020 was really unpredictable and it pushed us in the confines of our home along with making us go Virtual for all the events which we used to do earlier in physical.

This year, from my home, I was able to contribute back to the Magento Community via Meet Magento Events. I thought to put this post so that all the events and their respective recordings can be clubbed in one place.

Meet Magento India – 2020

The year started with Meet Magento India event in February. My topic of talk was “The Art of Requirement Gathering”. I tried to touch upon few important factors that are related to Requirement Gathering. The major take away which I wanted people to take away was that “The psychological ownership of gathering the requirement and delivering a successful project is on you (Developer, Agency) and not on the Client. The presentation can be found here.

Meet Magento UK- 2020

This was second Meet Magento event of the year. My presentation title was same as that of Meet Magento India but there was a variation. The talk highlighted how to capture requirements and how we can use Human Emotions to define a successful eCommerce Strategy. The talk was recorded and the recording is available here.

Meet Magento Indonesia – 2020

This was the third Meet Magento event of the year. My presentation title was “Experience-Driven Headless Commerce”. The talk highlighted the growth of Experience-Driven commerce and how Headless strategy is playing a vital role in it. The presentation also touched upon the GraphQL. The recording of the presentation can be seen here.

Meet Magento Singapore – 2020

This was my last Meet Magento event where I spoke in 2020. My presentation title was “Human Emotions & Impact on eCommerce Sales”. This was in a way continuation of my previous two presentations where I wanted to highlight how different human emotions can be utilized by Merchants and Development agencies to get the most out of their eCommerce setup. The key takeaway was that we humans don’t buy out of planning but most of our purchase journey is driven by emotions. The recording of this talk is available here.

I ensured to attend all the other Meet Magento events as an attendee in 2020 as not every time you get to attend them being at your home. I am optimistic that in 2021 we will have Meet Magento Events where we can really meet with each others just like all those good old days. Hope you find this post helpful.

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