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We all know that these are some crucial times. Covid19 is now affecting more 190 countries globally and its like a Virtual World War against an enemy we cannot see. Every walk of life is impacted by this. It’s no news to anyone that situation is really bad and the only possible way (as of now) to beat this enemy is by practicing Social(physical) distancing.

But this time also calls upon us to be more connected virtually. “What can’t kill you makes you stronger”. We have to come out of this together as a Strong, Intelligent, Emotionally motivated and highly connected community. I have been seeing a lot of people coming together to support Merchants and Community during this phase. This shows how we can be virtually connected and still ensure mutual success for the community we belong to.

I reached out to a few people from the community to see what level of support they are willing to extend to support merchants/community and as I believed the response was very positive with all of them being happy to support. Thus, I thought to write this blog to bring a collective list of the offerings that different companies from Magento Companies are giving. There are some Discounts and Offers that are already there which I have enlisted in this blog so that someone reading this blog can get a full list of all the offers and discounts available from our Wonderful Community during this time of Crisis.

Adobe / Magento Offer

As published on different blogs and pages of Magento / Adobe, here are some offers from them –

  • 3 Months Free of Magento Commerce – Starting now, new customers can drive revenue before they start paying for their Magento Commerce implementation. Get your site up and running, either with an internal team or with a solution partner with no payments for the first 3 months of your new Magento contract. Contact Us

  • Acrobat PDF services – Adobe has expended the free usage of its online Acrobat PDF tools through May 31, up to 10 times per day. 

  • Adobe Connect – Adobe is providing free 90-day access for individuals and businesses to hold meetings, virtual conferences, and training. Adobe Connect

  • Adobe Portfolio – Make a better online presence with Adobe Portfolio free to everyone through May 15, 2020

  • Adobe Creative Cloud- Students now have free, personal in-home access to Adobe Creative Cloud in place of their schools’ in-classroom licenses through May 31, 2020.

  • Adobe Sign – Free trials to 90 days for Adobe Sign Small Business and Adobe Sign Enterprise. Available for new users through May 31, 2020

  • Adobe XD – Adobe is extending unlimited access to the sharing and collaboration features on all XD plans, both free and paid, until October 2020

  • 3 Months Free of Magento Commerce – Contact Magento

  • Magento Commerce launch package – Contact Magento

  • Free Magento training – Now through June 30th, 2020, All Magento University On-demand training courses are free to access 24/7 until June 30, 2020. Get free access
  • Magento Migration Loan – Magento in partnership with PayPal has come up with the Magento Migration Loan plan. This is to help business-facing hardships during these times. Learn More

  • Magento Certification Discount – Magento is giving 30% off on all the Certification exams at Magento University. Coupon Code – SummitCert30

  • Magento Certification Exam Retakes – Magento is giving 20% off on all the Certification exams at Magento University. Contact to request a retake coupon.

  • Magento University 15% Early Bird Discount on Instructor-led courses – Get an automatic 15% discount on any instructor-led course when you register at least 21 days prior to the first day of the class.

  • Magento University 15% Discount on Public Instructor-Led Classes Through May 3 – Offering a 15% discount on all instructor-led public courses until the end of May. You must register for and attend training by May 31st using coupon code Summit15

Free Consulting

Few of the very popular people from Magento Community and Ecosystem are offering free consulting. Here they are –

Phillip Jackson (Chief Commerce Officer @ Something Digital)
Linkedin –
Link to connect

Joseph Maxwell (Founder, SWIFTotter Solutions)
Linkedin –
Link to connect

Vatsal Shah (Business Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and eCommerce Consultant)
Linkedin –
Link to connect

Vikrant Shukla (That is me)
Linkedin –
Link to connect

Damian Culotta (Magento Developer at Mediotype)
Linkedin –
Link to connect

Community Discounts Products and Services

As mentioned earlier, I reached out to companies who make and sell Magento Extension. Most of the discount coupons mentioned below are valid until June 30th.

SwiftOtter(Exclusive Discount)
Discount Code – Vikrant15
Get a 15% discount from any of the practice tests or study guides available on the websites.
Discount Code – SAFE20
Get a 20% discount for the Individual plan of the M2 Coding Kickstart.

Sign-up or log-in to DCKAP Store to get free access to All Magento extensions between March 15,2020-June 30,2020. More Offers from DCKAP available at

– Offering Auto Scaling Cost Suspension
– Offering help to Extend the Life of Your Magento 1 Store
Other offers

ServerGuy(Exclusive Discount)
50% off for the next 3 months on Hosting Services.

Astra Security(Exclusive Discount)
Discount Code – AstraWithYou
Lifetime 20% off on security of your store

Discount Code – MAGECV
Get a 30% off for 3 months of Magento Hosting

– Offering Up to 6 months of free hosting for merchants that are new to eCommerce.
– Offering Highly discounted rates on a case-by-case basis for established eCommerce merchants that are in need of assistance due to the Coronavirus.
– For other offers contact Robert Rand

SoftProdigy(Exclusive Discount)
Discount Code – Vikrant25
Get a 25% discount on all your orders.

Discount Code – EHUT20
Get a 20% discount on all your orders.

Discount Code – CBStaySafe15
Get a 15% discount on all your orders.

Discount Code – WEGOTTHIS
Get a 20% off on all paid Magento extensions.

Elsner(Exclusive Discount)
Discount Code – fightcorona
Get a 30% discount on your all your order.

Rocket Bazaar
Discount Code – COVID2020
Get a 20% discount on All Magento 2 Extension and Rocket Bazaar ( Marketplace Product & it Addons)

Discount Code – MageCloudPartnership
Get a 25% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MAGECLOUD2H5BQ1
Get a 15% OFF any purchase

Land Of Coder
Discount Code – 20PCMAGECLOUD
Get a 20% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MageCloud20Off
Get a 20% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MageCloud15
Get a 15% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MAGECLOUD
Get a 10% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MAGECLOUD15OFF
Get a 15% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MAGECLOUDLIT20
Get a 20% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – MageCloud20
Get a 20% OFF any purchase

Discount Code – magecloud-20
Get a 20% off any purchase

Zestard Technologies
Get a 25% discount on your all your order(auto-applied on Cart Page).

Envision Ecommerce
– Providing a Free 40 hours trial to Hire one of our Certified Magento Developer or Test Engineer.
– Providing free Magento Site Audit Service for performance enhancements.
– Providing a free Ecommerce Launch consultation with our experts.
– Offering free consultation on eCommerce Marketing Services.
– Offering exclusive curated starter packages on eCommerce implementation with no burdens of cost, affordable packages.
– Email them to know more –

ROI Minds
Get a 25% discount marketing services for ecommerce stores. Reach out to them

– Codilar is offering 1 PWA POC for all existing ecommerce merchants willing to go on PWA
– Codilar is offering Free PWA Consultation for all the merchants


– Offering 3 months of Magento 1 support free of cost (Till 30th July) for businesses who are unable to migrate to Magento 2 during these difficult times.

Other Discounts

Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more throughout April.

Some Important Links

Note – It’s great to see so many community members contributing together during this crisis. More names and offers will be added to this list as I am awaiting some more offers to come from a few more people in the community. If you are offering any such discounted service or product and want to be listed on this blog, please message me on LinkedIn and I will be happy to list you here.

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Jeet Palavwala
Jeet Palavwala
3 years ago

Thank you so much. Appreciate this great support during COVID.

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Devops course
2 years ago

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Dai software
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