Let’s Talk Commerce – An Initiative

Today we are not in a normal world. Never ever in Human Recorded history came a phase like this where Covid-19 has brought the world to. All the major countries which are impacted by Coronavirus are under lockdown. India, a country with over 1.30 Billion population has also been put under lockdown. The world economy is falling. All the major markets of worlds fell down as much as or lower than the recession that we saw in 2008. We all are seeing this news daily and I don’t want to elaborate more on the situation we are in. These are desperate times.

They say, “Desperate times need Desperate Measures”.

In these desperate times, we all need someone to hear us out. Work from home is not a normal thing for people from India and most parts of the globe too. Mental health and emotional wellbeing are getting impacted in a way or the other. Not to mention, the loss of business in almost all sectors is a big concern. God forbid but if such a situation prevails, we may also see a loss of jobs in many sectors (we are already seeing in few).

I have always been thinking to do this but always found a reason or two for not being able to devote a time to contribute back to the society in the way now I am determined to. This lockdown and the overall depression that I see around me(amongst businesses, startups, people in job, merchants & many others) made me determined to start this initiative now.

So, in continuation to effort to contribute back to society, I thus start by giving away 30 minutes of my daily life to anyone who wants me to hear them out. Feel free to book a time on my calendar and speak yourself out. Reach out to me for a free consultation on “Business Strategy, Startup Strategy, Ecommerce Development, Requirements Gathering, Technology Discussion, Technical Consultancy, Mental Health, Emotional Well Being, Personal Growth and any other thing that you can think of.

Book a slot in my Calendar. For now, I am starting with 30 minutes slot per day beginning from April 1st. I will try to increase per day slots once I see that I am really able to help people with my time and suggestions. Hang in there folks, we will together, keeping our Physical(Social) Distancing and being Emotionally around each other will surely sail through this desperate time.

I will conclude this blog with one quote that has always been with me and given me all the strengths in different phases of my life. I hope it does to you too. This quote is the only statement that reminds you to stay humble, stay honest and ensure that you always have your foot on the ground.

This Too Shall Pass

Book your Slot here – https://calendly.com/vikrant-shukla-supermageman/let-s-talk-commerce

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