Good Bye Dear Old Friend, “Magento1”

For many out there, it’s hard to understand why and how can people cling to a Framework written on PHP as a family or friend. It’s hard to explain to them. But many out there today feel that they are letting go of an important part of their life and professional journey. Many like me, started, evolved alongside Magento, and today what we are is mostly because of our Love & Passion for it.

We always knew that one fine day, like many other good things in life, Magento 1 will see its End of Life. Evolution is important. Since the launch of Magento 2 back in November 2015, it was always known that our old friend will pass its heir to its newer version.

The feeling of Collectiveness and Ownership that Magento gives to its community, which is like an extended family to most of us, make sure that everyone adopts, contributes, and ensure the success of Magento. With most of the supporting technologies seeing their end, Magento1 will have its EOL today, 30th June 2020.

We, “The Community” are sure that Magento 2 will carry forward the same success and growth.

I took a moment to make a Video sharing my views about our Good Old Friend who will be missed.

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Ketan Tambekar
Ketan Tambekar
3 years ago

Yes. Will always miss magento 1 because it was entry point in our career.

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