Good Bye Dear Old Friend, “Magento1”

For many out there, it’s hard to understand why and how can people cling to a Framework written on PHP as a family or friend. It’s hard to explain to them. But many out there today feel that they are letting go of an important part of their life and professional journey. Many like me, … Read more Good Bye Dear Old Friend, “Magento1”

Impact of Covid-19 on Global Ecommerce

Covid-19 has impacted us all in all the ways possible and it is no new news now. Being into eCommerce, I was personally observing both the positive and negative impact of Covid-19 on the industry. Yesterday, I did a webinar in association with Envision Ecommerce. The aim of this webinar was to visualize the impact … Read more Impact of Covid-19 on Global Ecommerce

Magento Community Coming Together

We all know that these are some crucial times. Covid19 is now affecting more 190 countries globally and its like a Virtual World War against an enemy we cannot see. Every walk of life is impacted by this. It’s no news to anyone that situation is really bad and the only possible way (as of … Read more Magento Community Coming Together

Let’s Talk Commerce – An Initiative

Today we are not in a normal world. Never ever in Human Recorded history came a phase like this where Covid-19 has brought the world to. All the major countries which are impacted by Coronavirus are under lockdown. India, a country with over 1.30 Billion population has also been put under lockdown. The world economy … Read more Let’s Talk Commerce – An Initiative

Magento Meetup Chandigarh – 2019

Magento Meetup is always a special event that brings the Magento Community of a local region together. These events are organized on the city level amongst the Magento Enthusiasts to share their experience, learning, and challenges. These events not only share the common passion that Magento Enthusiasts hold for the platform but also help share … Read more Magento Meetup Chandigarh – 2019