An Initiative to Support Magento Association

I have been with Magento since its inception. I credit everything that I am today(both professionally and personally) to this awesome platform. Coming from a background of Electronics and Communication engineering and not liking electronics much, I had no alternative but to be in software. Today after, 14 years, 1 month, and 21 days (5165 days) since Magento was officially released, I really feel the need to write this post and take a step ahead to support this community.

We all know that “Magento Association” has had free membership since its inception. The association has now given more power to the community by asking the community to become paid patrons. There are many advantages of being one. The most important is that you will be supporting the growth of Magento OpenSource and Magento Community in a very constructive way. You will have first-hand information, will have a say in deciding on the leadership team, and a lot more.

I recently did a LinkedIn post about it. Following that, a few community leaders and active members of the community contacted me. I had a lot of conversations. Collectively we realized that there are numerous reasons for a paid membership, one of them being the sudden financial commitment to be able to do something important in the community.

I as one of the oldest community members don’t just want to rant about it and sound like a motivational guru trying to push others to do something (without leading by example).

Thus I have decided to come up with a Paid Membership support program. Here are the details of the same.

  • This is a First-Come-First-Get plan
  • I will support 200 Community Members across the globe to have a $1 Membership free for the first three months.
  • I have created a Google Form (Link Here)
  • Please fill out the form
  • Any wrong detail filled in the form will disqualify your chance for this free 3 months sponsorship
  • I will get in touch with you personally to set up a time and add my personal Credit Card to your “Magento Association” Profile to activate your subscription.
  • All the data will stay with “Vikrant Shukla” and him only
  • I will take your Consent to access the account for three months until the card is added there
  • Post that, I entrust the community member to continue the members (but that is just my expectations, no strings attached)
  • None of your data (related to the association website account) will be shared anywhere else apart from being with me
  • I will expect you to vote for the current election (The person you want to vote for is your choice. I will not impact your choice).

I personally believe we as a community should stay intact. It is easy to say there is a problem, but what are you doing to solve it?

Note: This is a personal initiative, not funded by any company or organization, and has nothing to do with my current organization. This is done in a personal capacity.

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