About Vikrant

I will want to begin first by thanking you for reading my blog.

I always wanted to begin my blog again (I used to have one back in 2008–2013). Trust me, with everything else important in your life, keeping up your blog is not that easy.

About Me

I am currently working as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect (JAPAC) at Adobe Singapore. I’ve been with Adobe since 2019 and was previously employed in Adobe Consulting Services as a Business Solution Architect (APAC) in Adobe India.

Professionally, I’ve been working with the Magento platform since its beta version in 2007 to build stores for clients at Magento SI Partners. Over a period of time, I realized quickly that Magento was the platform that would change the eCommerce world forever, and decided to stick with it.

In 2015, I decided to come up with a Magento-only eCommerce agency to help global merchants get the most out of the platform. We started Envision Ecommerce, and as the name suggests, eCommerce was the core focus of our vision. Within one year of our establishment, we grew up quickly and became a Magento Business Solution partner company. With a team of approximately 40 people, we quickly established ourselves as a significant player in the global Magento community. The potential of Envision Ecommerce was soon recognized, and in 2018, within three years of our establishment, we were acquired by a New York-based agency.

I have been a solution architect for a Fortune 100 company and helped them launch their brand store in India. With the cloud becoming more popular and acceptable in all sorts of online stores (SME, MSME, and enterprise), I felt the need to know more about it and got myself a few certifications in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and SAFe® 5 as an architect. 

After spending 12+ years with Magento, I finally joined Magento, an Adobe company, and am now working from inside to grow the community and the platform in all the ways I can. 

I love talking about Adobe Commerce, eCommerce, digital transformation, startups, businesses, and pets. I feel proud to have spoken at Meet Magento events across the globe and many other global conferences.

Music and pets are my passions outside of my professional life.

My favorite quote in life is “This too shall pass,” and I believe that life has a lot more to offer those who are positive and willing to be a constant student of life.

Note: All the views on this website are mine. They don’t represent the views or positions of my employer.